Be Like Bees 🙂
They're good for everyone

What I Do

I love bees and I try to live with them in small hives.

They’re living for themselves and I watch them how to help each other for a living. 


watch their behavior and how they bring honey or pollen from the garden

find queen

try to find the queen of hives and see if she spawning or she’s sick


we can’t feed bees with sugar but we plant flowers around the hives


after summer the flowers go to sleep and then we can extract the best honey

About Me

I am a veterinary student; I love animals and I care about their health. I'm interested in It tech and I try to learn everything about it.

Some days I decided to be a beekeeper and learn how bees make honey for themselves. After those days I fall in love with bees and I can’t take them away. I play volleyball and tennis some days. I prefer to listen to all good music from the world, especially from Iran and I can’t tell how am I feeling good when I’m listening to Shajarian.

My self
Kg Honey
Hours for bees
Birth bees
Person to work
My Experience
Search and learn about beekeeping
Buy 5 hives for first time
Extract my first product from my lovely bees
Buy some new hives and try hard for learning and producing
Start teaching beekeeping and my experience

Recent Year

I try to create good pictures and make videos to teach and educate other people who like natural life and beekeeping 🙂

“I never tasted a honey like this. I advise you to test and see how amazing is this”
Emma Hart
“When I buy from ZanbZin, I couldn't think this is not like other honey companies. But trust me when you buy this, all things in your mind will change about Honey and bee products”
Erik Doe
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